Ivan Ballesteros 专业导师



Spatial Studio is focused on giving students a solid foundation to disciplines related to Creation of Space as Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism but also Stage Design, Exhibition design or Installation Art.

Spatial Students are guided according to an intuitive but rigorous process of development their own ideas, focused in a conceptual approach that leads to a rational development process that slowly prepares them to continue their education abroad in the very demanding field of disciplines related to Spatial Design.

Students learn how to implement a creative project using space, moving from idea generation to reference finding, from sketching concepts to building three dimensional scaled models & prototypes where the human body becomes the core to conceive and test their own work.

The Final Project this year addressed the concept “Re-start”, challenging students to explore ideas related to this meaningful word, in a moment of history where humans has been given the opportunity to rethink the ways we use spaces in our daily lives. Some students went into the direction of Post-disaster construction systems using modular elements or recycling materials to give them a second life; others decided to reconsider the relationship between Architecture and Nature in various ways.