Alla Batiuk 专业导师




Fashion Reflect all aspects of humans life, economic, it shows all changes that happen through the history, technological development, shows mood, it passing to us so much information … Fashion design is a creative process with many possibilities and no simple one formula.

Some students sketch their ideas on the paper, others can drape fabric on the dress stand, pinning, folding and tucking it until the idea for a garment emerges. But it always a new story where we can enjoy the way of exploring and learning a lot of new skills and techniques.

For me as a teacher it has being so important that students in fashion studio will explore and observe what they see around with the critical eye. A willingness to experiment with new techniques and materials is crucial to lending freshness and vitality to the work, thus increasing repertoire of skills.

Final project of CAFA IFC program eventually shows a new start, provides an overview of sustainable fashion design practices, and shows how clothing can be designed for sustainability.

Sustainability is now becoming part of mainstream fashion and instead of being seen as a challenge for the fashion industry it is being viewed as an opportunity. But how can designers choose ethical options and make decisions based on their environmental or social impact? Many questions were raised and each student’s project will show individual creative solution.