Francisco Casaroti 专业导师




Visual Communication at CAFAIFC provides students with the opportunity to learn technical skills within the communication field but above all, it challenges perception and transforms ordinary thinking by introducing students to a much broader understanding of critical thinking. The course is based on experimentation and critical making. The programme has a long history of success as a result of our educational focus on the importance of visual communication concerning culture and society within an interdisciplinary environment.

Aiming for the highest practical, critical and intellectual expansion of our students' we encourage them to not limit their responses to visual outcomes but also sound, code, performances, space, artistic expressions and experience.

In conclusion, Visual Communication at IFC gives students a high standard foundation to face further academic challenges with confidence and intelligence.

For the final project "ReStart" students were encouraged to raise and analyse critically their interests in relation to its relevance. With total freedom of choice on the theme and outcome, students followed a well-structured schedule of research around their subjects in the theoretical and practical, art and design fields in order to produce a relevant, unusual and impactful final pieces.