Lyes Hammadouche 专业导师



The 3D studio focuses on three key elements: form, function within the conceptual scope of a creation. The design discipline is demanding. It encompasses many other subjects, such as drawing, modelling and observation. In addition, it requires a great deal of research and logical thinking.

For these reasons 3D studio students undergo training in all these fields, starting with an introduction to design thinking that allows for ideation. The ideas they generate must be prototyped in different forms and through a variety of materials that are relevant to their production. Special care is given to the way they organize their productions into a body of work that reflects their very own individual character. A special attention is paid to the students' ability to communicate about their projects.

The next world will be a new world whose fragility has been underlined by the most recent period. The 3D studio students has engaged in a conceptual and reflexive discussion about the future transformations broadly connected to the discipline of design. It is for the designer to observe today the failings of yesterday in order to invent the world of tomorrow. Through reflection on sustainable development, recycling, and observation of their consumption habits, the students accompanied have thought about complex notions to develop their projects with a minimum of means aiming for maximum of intents so that they can go abroad with a sufficient baggage on the most cutting edge practices in modern design evolutions. Where ever they’ll go, they’ll be starting there a new tomorrow.